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PhonesForBrokers hosted voip phone services offers a small business phone system with a host of features and benefits for brokers... 

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Example Case Study - easing the pain of the office move

Let's imagine that several years ago you set up a business, you got a number from BT, had your business cards printed and advertised the number.

What happened next?

You did well! You expanded your business and having outgrown your office you need to relocate.

The Problem 

Your new office is more than a couple of miles away and uses a different local telephone exchange. In most cases you cannot take your number with you which could be a Disaster.

So what can be done?

PhonesForBrokers moves your cherished phone number onto the VoIP platform and then if you move location your original number 'moves with you'. Even if you move to a totally different STD Code, to another town, city or county, the number is still yours. We can also provide your business with new numbers from most STD areas from just 50 pence per month.

Small business package

We have identified key requirements for small businesses and have designed a small business phone system to suit your needs. 

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We  understand your business because we've worked with brokers for over 20 years. We know the challenges you face ...

​​Why VoIP

​​VoIP phone systems are a modern low cost answer to traditional expensive and inflexible legacy phone systems.

The main reason that VoIP is so affordable and is being adopted by so many business is that you don't need to buy any phone switchboard (PBX) hardware.

With VoIP all you need is a phone handset, and if you don't want to buy a new phone handset you can even use your existing analogue phone, a Smart phone, a PC or MAC and a PC headset to make and receive calls. 

Phones For Brokers Hosted Voip Phone Services

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